Porst Painting, Ltd.

What we're about !

Porst Painting was started over twenty years ago with the attitude that the job is not complete until the customer is happy! Hard work and doing the job as if it was your own home is how we approach all of our projects. The "Golden Rule" is also affective in the business world ! We pride ourselves in offering top notch quality at very fair prices. Extras come up from time to time and this can be an opportunity to continue a fair approach or an attempt to squeeze the customer. We use this as an opportunity to build a positive relationship as extras should proportionally go down as the number of extras increase. Economies of scale should dictate lower prices as the amount increases. When checking our references you will find we do many little things not in the contract, such as move belongings, for free without a thought. Because of our approach to business we have developed many long term relationships. Call us for a free estimate and find out what we're about! Have a great day!